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Life Performance Coaching is one of several centers in the U.S. that practices social therapeutics, an alternative and radically humanistic approach to human growth and social change that relates to people of all ages and life circumstance as social performers and creators of their lives – and of the world. 

This way of relating to people – regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, backgrounds and life style and “presenting problems” – activates our capacity to play, perform, philosophize and, in that process, to create new emotions and to grow.

At the same time, social therapeutics is a social change effort rooted in the belief (and activity) that ongoing social and emotional development is essential for addressing the isolation we all feel and inseparable from transforming the world. People do not change themselves, or the world, alone. 

Thus, we have found that the best environment for growing is the group. Life Performance Coaching works with diverse groups of people – the more diverse the better! – on the intimate, creative and messy activity of building and creating groups where people can get help with the pain that comes from living in a troubled and uncertain world.

We are excited to be part of a growing movement of people across the U.S. and globally who are embracing play, performance and philosophizing as catalysts for new and more creative ways of living, loving, healing and helping. 

Life Performance Coaching offers individual, family, relationship and group coaching via videoconferencing. We look forward to hearing from you!