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Let’s Play with Writing

Led by Helen Abel, Sean Garrett
& Sarah Ruiz-Grossman

December 4th
10:30am – 12:00pm Western US (UTC-8)

(1:30pm – 3:00pm ET | timezone converter)


Whether you love to write or find it torturous, join us for a fun few hours that promises to free us from some of the conventional rules of who is “really a writer” and how we are supposed to write.  

Helen Abel, Sean Garrett and Sarah Ruiz-Grossman will help participants develop their (often painful) relationship to writing. Playful and philosophical all at once, the workshop will encourage people to take risks, have fun and creatively fill the page. What happens when we experiment with writing styles and voices? Can we become less of a critic of our “own work” and better at helping others? Where’s the writer’s block now? Writers of all persuasions, skill levels and experience are welcome.

Helen Abel is a life performance coach on staff of Life Performance Coaching. She has helped develop social therapeutics, a group-oriented approach to human learning and development that relates to people as creators of their culture and ensemble performers of their lives. Helen loves to encourage people’s development by teaching them how to use their capacity to create, perform and play. She looks forward to playing with writing and helping participants discover that writing can be a relational activity that has an impact on how they see the world and themselves.


As a Life Performance Coaching community member of three decades, Sean Garrett has co-led workshops on collaborative approaches to creating and performing music. In this workshop, he brings his background as a former public school teacher and ongoing experience in communications consulting and training. One of his greatest joys is working with others to unlock the passion, poetry, and purpose in all kinds of writing.

Sarah Ruiz-Grossman is a reporter with HuffPost and LPC community member since 2017. Born and raised in New York City, she’s been living in the Bay area for four years and considers herself a full California convert. Sarah is working on a novel – and for her, writing provides much the same joy that reading has since she was a child: a way to feel transported into other worlds, all while connecting deeply with the beauty and pain of this one. 

For more information contact: Helen Abel